Thursday, November 19, 2009

Samsung B3210 Corby TXT Review

The Samsung B3210 Corby TXT mobile phone is a solid bar designed handset complete with highly focused messaging features which makes communication a pleasure for its user. Its solid bar form is wide due its full QWERTY keyboard & its overall casing size measures 11.2cm tall by 5.96cm wide by 1.29cm thick. This handset weighs ninety four grams including its fitted rechargeable battery which is a solid weight without weighing the user down.

A good size screen & QWERTY keyboard fills the front section of this handset. Its screen is a TFT screen which displays up to two hundred & sixty two thousand colours on a clear resolution screen. Its QWERTY keyboard provides a full QWERTY input method which is ideal for inputting text at high speeds. This mobile phone comes with a changeable cover facility which allows the user to change the handsets casing colour to suit the user's style.

This mobile phone supports a Bluetooth® wireless connectivity to other devices allowing the user to connect their handset to other compatible Bluetooth® devices without using cables or wires when transferring data files. Its Bluetooth® technology can work with compatible devices which are up to ten metres apart & is a quick & easy way to transfer files. A USB connection allows the user to use a USB cable to connect the Samsung B3210 Corby TXT to other USB compatible devices to gain a cabled connection between two devices when transferring data. The B3210 Corby TXT supports Edge & GPRS technologies which provide high speed data transfer rates for the user to gain when transferring files. This mobile phone has forty megabytes of built in memory & supports an expandable memory card slot which can hold up to eight gigabytes of external memory. The B3210 Corby TXT works over GSM networks 850, 900, 1800 & 1900 which provides the user with quad band network coverage which will automatically switch between networks.

For entertainment the user can enjoy a two megapixel camera feature, digital music player or an FM radio feature depending on the users entertainment needs. There is a highly user friendly two megapixel camera feature which comes with a variety of photo & video setting to enhance any photos captured or video clips recording using this built in camera. The phone comes with an easy to use camera capturing key & the screen works as a viewfinder. The Samsung B3210 Corby TXT supports an integrated music player which supports popular music formats including MP3 & WMA formats. The user can transfer new music on to their mobile phone via the connectivity options available or download new music from the Web. Its radio feature allows the user to tune into their preferred music station to catch up on all the latest hit music & the user can enjoy an onscreen update via the radio data system feature which provides information which is relevant to the radio station being listened to.

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priyank said...

Its a nice mobile..but your review glorifies it more than necessary.. I am buying one tomorrow..

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